Brothers in arms

For years the Velits Brothers were professional bike riders. With Isadore they started to design cycling apparel in 2013. The Slovakian brand stands out in stylish designs and outstanding quality as it comes to shirts and bibshorts. CYCLOsportive had the chance to talk to Peter Velits, co-founder and head of operations, to find out more about their new passion: designing timeless and authentic cycling apparel.
Comfortable products with timeless design and premium quality
The brandname Isadore, what does it mean? Where does it stand for?
The brand was established in 2013, during the time when we both with my brother were listening one album from brand Incubus. There was a song named Isadore and it was very easy to remember. We really like the sound of the word and how it’s written. Later on we find out Isadore has a meaning in Greek mythology as a gift from Gods.

Why did the Velits brothers start to design cycling apparel?
After around 7 years of our professional careers we were looking for a new challenges. We always had entrepreneurship ideas. However before we started real business we wanted to be sure we do something we understand. Cycle clothing was a logical choice for us.

What is the philosophy of Isadore?
The first ever idea we had before sitting behind drawing board was that we want to create a product we would like to ride when we don’t have to ride team clothing. That means comfortable products with timeless design and premium materials.

On the website you mention inside knowledge from the pro peloton is used to design the clothes. What is it that pro riders think is important for cycling apparel?
It’s definitely the fit and the comfort you need to have in the cycling clothing products. Together with my brother we have ridden and tested couple of products during our careers so we have developed this knowledge over years.

For the jerseys Isadore uses merino, why merino?
Merino fabric is very premium and comfortable material from which you can make cycling jersey. From beginning we knew we wanted to do our products from this material. When its dressed it gives you completely different feeling as normal lycra jersey. We still like the feeling of lycra jersey but merino is very special. That’s why we love it.

A lot of brands say they produce the best pants. What makes the pants of Isadore a good bibshort? Or maybe the best?
Here comes our knowledge to play. During the years we have ridden good and bad bib shorts. We took all the best we experienced in different bib shorts and tried to blend it into Isadore bib shorts. You will never satisfy all the people in the world but the feedback we have from our customers is very rewarding. Its great feeling to know that we have created product which your customers love.

The clothes are produced in Slovakia. Why?
This was one of the first things we knew from beginning. We wanted to produce our products locally. In our town there is a history in clothing industry and we feel proud to support our community.

In what way are the Velits brothers involved in the design process?
Martin is in charge of the designing process. He has colleagues helping him out but he was the one from the very beginning bringing models alive. He spent hours and hours developing products with manufacturers. Also the entire chain supply management lies on his shoulders.

Cyclists move around in a great environment, for example majestic mountains with impressive landscapes. What does Isadore do to minimalize their ecological footprint?
We are always trying to find suppliers with the same philosophy as we have. There are not many of them but the times are changing and more and more manufacturers are becoming environmentally responsible. With this approach we try to achieve that our production footprint is as little as possible.

How do you see the future of Isadore? What are the goals for 2018 and a bit further 2022?
We want to stay authentic and stick to our values despite the growth of company. That’s the main goal for our future.



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